About Me!

Hi everyone, I'm an independent artist based in Odisha, India. 

'Shop with Tanuja' is my venture, my work place where I create, market and sell my hand-made products. 

After an adventure of professions in media and software company, I left everything and after quite a lost time, 'Shop with Tanuja' was born. 

I was always into making stuff, let it be gifts for my folks, clothes for me or other DIYs.
But 'actually' getting full time into it and selling for earning was like a risk. There was nothing to loose so slowly I started up and I received good response. 
I started learning and creating more products for what people might like to buy. It worked and I'm happy for what it's now. 
I'm still in a learning stage and putting all my creativity, time and effort for it.
'Shop with Tanuja' is what completes me, like a long lost love.

For any queries or suggestions do drop me a mail at: shopwithtanuja[@]gmail.com

Me with my 'Sunbird' tote bag !

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